Dr. Larew is In the News!

An exclusive interview with Dr. Larew has just been published in our community’s most influential newspaper, the Gazette. The article, aptly titled “Iowa City doctor seeking more time with patients opens concierge practice” offers an in-depth look at the benefits of joining Larew Internal Medicine.

Among the features noted are same-day appointments for acute illnesses, the ability to call Dr. Larew on his cell phone after hours with questions, assiduous monitoring of multiple chronic conditions and a focus on prevention rarely found in traditional practices.

“That’s not a model they (patients) are accustomed to using,” Dr. Larew told the Gazette. “They just come in when they’re sick. The idea that we would spend a good part of time (during the visit) talking about how they can improve things is a different way of thinking about it.”

For both Dr. Larew and his patients, the time and opportunity to reconnect personally is at the heart of why concierge medicine continues to gain dedicated followers across the country. Long-time patient Kathy McCue told reporter Michaela Ramm she joined the practice because of Dr. Larew’s outstanding care over two decades.

“I don’t have any big health concerns, but if something did come up, I would like him to be my point person to be able to talk through things,” she said, describing him as thorough, knowledgeable and someone who loves educating patients and answering their questions.

“Part of what has always made medicine — and being a physician — a great profession is that personal connection,” Dr. Larew shared.  “I want people to have a great experience when they walk in the door.”

To read the article in its entirety, click here

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